Affiliate Niche Marketing – Basic of Advertising Strategy

You need to hit multiple niche advertising channels, not use one or two. Further, you need to create combination of methods,each of which reinforce and build upon each other. Basically, what you want to do is qualify them a bit more by providing them in your follow up emails. In reality you need to be hitting at least four different traffic sources, such as:• Press release
• Articles directory
• Pay -per click
• Subscribers to your email list
• Subscribers of other,none competing websitesWhat combination of methods would you use to accomplish this?

You could start off with some press release of your niche product. Your press release will provide a good overview of the product, as well as introduce the readers to your as an authority – or at the very least, a person of interest in the marketplace. You can direct that press release traffic to a dedicated landing page,where you offer a special report just for those opt-ins.You could submit a series of articles to the major articles directories. You articles will get picked up by other site owners, and you could direct this traffic to a landing page, then follow up with more of what they want by sending to your blog where you have additional articles.You also running your niche a pay-per-click campaign. You lure those subscribers in with valuable bonuses and freebies.. Maybe you also give them a special report, which links back to your blog and your articles.Using a variety of niche advertising methods,you not only generate traffic, you also direct that traffic. Each of your advertising sources can be set up to send traffic to a targeted destination. Furthermore, you can tailor the information to each individual who arrives at your site. You could even use one traffic source to help build another.

Affiliate niche marketing-basic of advertising strategy. An progressive affiliate niche advertising and promotion strategy is a strategy which makes use of more than one methods. You need these multiple traffic sources in order ferret out as many targeted prospect as possible. You also need them in order to manager you cost. Plus you want exposure in as many places as possible to build brand awareness visibility.